January 19, 2016 Iowa Ruby Brigade Talk

On January 19, 2016 I gave a talk at the Iowa Ruby Brigade, a group that meets once a month in central Iowa to talk about the Ruby computer programming language and related technologies. The title of the talk was “The Artoo Framework: Using Ruby to Program Robots.” If you want to learn about the Artoo framework, I recommend watching the videos on the framework’s website.

In addition to the Artoo framework, I also talked about more general subjects in the field of robotics. Many video clips were featured. If you attended the talk, the first and last videos in the list below were not played because of time constraints, but the rest were featured in the talk.


An Introduction to Open Source Hardware: The Arduino Board


Roomba controlled with an Arduino and mobile phone:


Two wheel robot with cardboard body:


Talking robot with two wheel base:


How to program smaller chips:


Not really a robot, but could be if you add a chip:


The Goliath: A remote controlled vehicle from World War 2


Advanced Robotics: Cooking


Full Body Humanoid: Honda’s Asimo


Deciding which orders to follow:


Same model of robot in the previous video, a NAO Robot, driving a car:


Unboxing a NAO Robot: long used in schools and other institutions, only recently made available to the general public:


An in-depth look at the NAO Robot, the Honda Asimo and several other robots:


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