JavaScript Map of Chicago

This map is still a work in progress. There are two versions of it. Click here to see the first version. The first version has plain JavaScript buttons that you click on to see each year.

Click here to see the second version. The second version doesn’t have a color guide, I’d like to do something different than the first version but I haven’t decided how to design it yet. It’s common for people to identify as a developer or designer but not both. Perhaps I’m more of a developer personality type. I also added data for the year 2010.

If you look at the original map that it’s based on, you can see what the colors represent. I slightly modified some of the colors to increase the contrast to make it easier to tell the difference between the different shades. I thought it was especially hard to tell the difference between the different shades of yellow in the original map.

These maps are based on this map made by the University of Illinois. I used jVectorMap as a template for both maps.

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